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New Flash Drive Offer

Teaching Materials Available on These Subjects

I have accumulated a large amount of preaching and teaching materials over the last 50 years of ministry. I would like to pass them on to others for just a love offering. Preaching outlines, lesson materials, discipleship materials, books, videos, PowerPoint and more. I have all the materials stored on a single 16-GB flash-drive for your computer.

Why We Use the King James Bible!

950 PowerPoint slides – teaching handouts – and 2 videos.

Do Our Teens and Our Adults Understand Their Baptist Heritage?

I just finished putting together a PowerPoint presentation on Baptist History. The presentation has 144 slides with handouts. I also have a 31-minute teaching video filmed in a Baptist Church. The slides almost teach themselves. See samples below:

Biblical Discipleship

Do you have a Biblical Discipleship class at your church, or perhaps have people being discipled one-on-one? If not, I have 15 lesson sheets, front and back; one for the student, and one for the teacher with added notes that perhaps you could use. I have the lessons on PowerPoint also to use in a classroom setting.

There are about $450 worth of materials. The actual cost of the flash drive, plus the S & H is about $10.00.  I am making these available for any size love offering above the actual cost.

Here is what 4 other Pastors have said about the materials:

1. “What a lot of material.”

2. “I plan on using some of your material for my young adult and teen classes.”

3. “Any pastor who does PowerPoint or desires to learn, will find them very helpful. … They are colorful, scriptural, and very professional. I am very satisfied and grateful you made them available.”

4. "I purchased your material a couple years ago and wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated and used them. Thank you for making them available."

The slides are not copyrighted, and neither are the teaching lessons; and you can use them any way you want. Please make these materials your very own and personalize them. You will not find better quality PowerPoint slides anywhere.

You have my permission to duplicate the flash-drive and send a copy to each of your missionaries. Others are already doing so.

I can only take a check through regular mail, (no PayPal, etc.).

If you decide you would like the materials, could you email me and let me know, including your mailing address, so I can make sure I have enough flash-drives available, and also have yours available to send back out to you the same day? So, if you would be interested, or have any questions, please contact me at: [email protected].

Please send the check for the love offering to:

Arv Edgeworth

3134 Heather Glen Ct

Springfield, OH 45503

Be sure to include your mailing address!