Defending God's Truth

Have Humans and Dinosaurs Lived Together?

1. Dinosaurs May Have Been Called "Dragons."

Psalm 74:13-14; Isaiah 27:1-2; Isaiah 14:29

(For more info see "Dinosaurs in the Bible?")

The word “dinosaur” was invented by Sir Richard Owen in 1841. Before that they were called "dragons." There are thousands of legends of people seeing or killing dragons. The Chinese dug up a number of dinosaur bones in the 1930's and they called them "dragon bones."

Dragon Legends

In 900 A.D. an Irish writer told of an encounter with a large beast with “iron” nails on its tail which pointed backwards. It had a head like a horse, with thick legs and strong claws.

Ica Stones of Peru

Over 50,000 "Ica Stones" have been found in Ica, Peru since 1961.

Indian pictograph, from the Grand Canyon.

Found in the Havasupai canyon in Grand Canyon.

photo taken by

Dr. DeLancy

719 S. Main St. Perkasie, PA 18944

His widow has the originals.

Petroglyph of a dinosaur found at Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah. It is attributed to the Anasazi Indians who lived in the area from AD 400 to AD 1300. (Prehistoric Indians, Barnes and Pendleton, 1995, p. 201)

Could Some Dinosaurs Still Be Alive?

The Likouala swamp in Congo and Zaire is 55,000 square miles. It is 80% unexplored. Land dinosaur reports have been coming out of this swamp for over 100 years. The natives call it "Mokele Membe," which means "river blocker."

Dr. Roy Mackel of the University of Chicago has taken 3 expeditions into the Lokouala Swamp. The last expedition he stayed 9 weeks but never saw Mokele Membe. The natives say Mokele Membe stays hidden in the jungle during the day, and mostly comes out at night to eat.

He did however find a fresh 3-toed dinosaur track.

The natives say if you want to find a Mokele Membe, go along the river and look for Malombo plants and no Hippos. The Hippos and Mokele Membe both like Malombo plants, but Mokele Membe drives the Hippos away.

The Lock Ness Monster

This photo was taken in July 1955. The castle is 64 feet high.

George Edwards snapped this amazing photo while taking tourists out on his boat Nessie Hunter IV.

These two underwater photographs were taken by the Academy of Applied Science, from Boston, MA in 1975. The front flipper was about 6 feet long.

Alexander Cambell was the water bailiff (game warden) at Loch Ness. He saw Nessie 18 times in 47 years.

Other sightings:

"Champ" the Lake Champlain monster between New York and Vermont.

Bessie the Lake Erie monster. Some refer to it as "Lemmy" (Lake Erie monster).

Lemmy's Restaurant

2027 Cleveland Rd W

Huron, OH 44839-1110

(419) 433-5501

Lemmy’s may not look like much from the outside, but the restaurant is clean, the service is friendly and the portions are generous. Lemmy's specializes in Lake Erie perch, incorporating it into interesting concoctions, like omelets, and the fish is all you can eat on Friday from 3 to 8 p.m. While waiting for your meal, entertain yourself by reading the story of Lemmy, the fabled Lake Erie sea monster for which the eatery is named.

Bird the size of a plane spotted in Alaska.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Oct 18, 2002 (Reuters) - A bird the size of a small airplane was recently spotted flying over southwest Alaska, puzzling scientists, the Anchorage Daily News reported this week. Like something out of the movie "Jurassic Park," had a wingspan of 14 feet.